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Progressive Dairyman
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Progressive Dairyman
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Progressive Dairyman
Balancing Rations For Heifers And Dry Cows Too
Cornell University
Updates to CNCPS v6.1
Progressive Dairyman
How Do Ration Balancing Sub-Models Work In Your Rations?
Arizona Nutrition Conference
Making an Old Model New Again
Progressive Cattleman
Where’s The Beef?
Corporate Milestones
2015 & Beyond Products and connections to improve industry information exchange
2014 CN.Dalex, a totally new platform paves the way to a software ecosystem
2007 Merger with Proventric Solutions to form Dalex Livestock Solutions LLC
2006 Added equine to program
2003 CNCPS functionality and formulation extended
2001 Formulation to NRC2001 specifications added
1998 Release Windows Consulting Nutritionist VBA enabled
1995 Produce compendium in relationship with Miller Publishing
1990 Major upgrade increasing data capacity and improving user interface
1983 Released The Feed Mill
1982 Converted software to the IBM Personal Computer
1981 Release The Feedlot Secretary
1980 Incorporated and sold the first program on the Apple IIe

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